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Clean and simple to use

User-intuitive technology that is simple to use – for both your valet team and your customers. 

Attach media & notes

FrogValet has the ability for your valet team to attach photos, videos, notes and even voice notes to each vehicle to reduce liability issues.

Cloud storage

All digital data is stored on offsite servers via cellular data communication.

Reduced admin

Everyone likes less admin right? FrogValet cuts down time-consuming admin by managing payments, pick-up requests and wait times all digitally. 

SMS updates

SMS-technology enabled

Seamlessly keep vehicle owners updated with distinctive user-friendly features.

Add-on feature

FrogValet is unique as a valet parking software as it offers tailored features where customers can request ‘add-ons’ like a car groom, or a fuel refill. 

Differing ticket options

Looking for a fully digital and ticketless option? We got your covered! Looking for a ticketed option that integrates with existing hardware? Also, we got you covered!

Remote updates

Remote updates ensure your parking valet software is always running at its optimum. 

FrogValet is our Valet Management System software package. Additionally, it has been designed to align with your entire parking valet software and operational requirements.

Its primary objective is to streamline administrative processes, enhance revenue opportunities, and reduce costs. Subsequently contributing to delivering a premium experience for your customers.

FrogValet ensures a seamless end-user experience, in addition to providing an exceptional and user-friendly tool for your valet staff.

With customer options for a mobile application or a web portal, FrogValet can guarantee the best user experience on the market at the moment. Not to mention the easy-peasy ‘text to pull’ feature, where customers can easily request their vehicle.  

At the same time, our Valet Management System supports a wide range of payment options, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, payWave, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and more.

FrogValet offers a comprehensive management app with unbelievable features to take your valet service to the next level. Tailored to accommodate various user scenarios, FrogValet is fully adaptable and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The best part, is that our Valet Management System can offer a completely digital painless experience for both your valet staff & your customers. You want tickets? No problem! You want ticketless? Also, no problem. The team have got you covered. 

FrogValet connects directly with your FrogHub to give you an unprecedented range of data insights. Additionally, from capability and capacity through to revenue optimization strategies, FrogValet has got you covered.  

Whether you’re a single valet stand for a parking lot, or a large-scale valet operation, we offer a Valet Management System that will work for you.

You’re going to love our Valet Management System – we promise!