Sunshine Plaza Shopping Mall

FrogGuidance Lights

Directional FrogSigns

FrogSensor units


Parking utilization
during peak times.*


Faster to find a park
since installation.*


Reduction in congestion
since installation.*

Looking for an affordable parking management solution to boost your customer experience? You’ve come to the right place! 

Sunshine Plaza is based in Queensland, Australia. Accordingly, hosting over 345 retailers (made up on supermarkets, department stores, cinemas, restaurants and so much more. It is the epitome of a true, mixed-use destination. Frogparking were thrilled to partner with them during their significant redevelopment in 2016.

Sunshine Plaza wanted to both improve their customers experience, but justify an affordable parking management solutions as well. Furthermore, it needed to be easy to use and provide them with insights about customers parking experiences.

The team were excited to deliver a value for money parking system, that exceeded even Sunshine Plaza’s wildest dreams. 

What did the smart parking solution consist of?

Ultimately, a parking guidance system to rival all others, that’s what. Let’s start indoors, with a state of the art LiDAR powered FrogGuidance indoor parking system. Additionally, connected to our dynamic wayfinding directional signage (FrogSigns), the customer experience was lifted to the next level. 

Meanwhile, outdoors, we installed our world-first patented FrogSensors. Notably, these were also connected to our FrogSigns, parking signage system. 

All of this, connected seamlessly to our data and analytics dashboard (FrogHub). Hence, tailored to perfection to work alongside all of the parking technology we installed. 


What did this automated parking solution offer? 

Other than a great time? The parking software immediately made a difference by providing a variety of insights that were previously unknown by Sunshine Plaza. They soon had a solid understanding of their customers parking habits, and could tailor an experience that put their shoppers in the best mood for shopping. 

It was calculated that ‘time to park’ reduced by 30% initially. Over the years, this number has further increased to sit somewhere close to a 50% increase. The parking solution resulted in significant parking congestion reduction (over 30% reduction), even during peak utilization hours. Thus, resulting in HUGE customer experience increases, measured by customer satisfaction surveys. 

In summary, don’t let the perceived cost of a smart parking system be a roadblock. An affordable parking management solution may be right around the corner, and you don’t even know it.  

* Data is based on 2023 historical peak time data

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