Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre

FrogSensor units

FrogGuidance Lights

Directional FrogSigns


Parking utilization
during peak times.*


Faster to find a park
since installation.*


Reduction in cruising
since installation.* 

Birkenhead Point is a prominent shopping destination in Australia. It is a large shopping center located in Drummoyne, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales. This shopping center is known for offering a wide range of outlet and retail stores, making it a popular choice for shoppers looking for discounted and brand-name goods.

With nearly 3 million people visiting this shopping hot-spot, parking was a top priority for the team to get streamline. In need of a special stylish touch, we knew we could develop an innovative parking management solution. 

What were Birkenhead Point’s parking challenges?

There was a need for a stylish wayfinding package that seamlessly integrated with the parking area’s aesthetics. The solution needed to provide information about parking vacancies at critical decision points. Additionally, there was a requirement for a very large sign to be placed on a high mount for display.

What was Frogparking’s solution?

  • FrogGuidance: We introduced indoor parking guidance systems at the site’s two primary parking garages, enhancing the visitor experience by directing them to available parking spaces. Surface sensors were installed on the rooftop parking areas to monitor occupancy.

  • Special Parking Denotation: Our indoor parking guidance sensors used special colors to denote parking spaces for mobility and parental use, ensuring clear and efficient guidance for drivers seeking these spots.

  • FrogSigns: Custom branded monuments and channel signs were strategically placed at key decision points throughout the parking area. These signs provided real-time information on parking availability and were configured to display both standard and special parking spaces, ensuring total guidance for all drivers.

  • Custom Colored Rail: We further customized the indoor guidance rail, coloring it white to match  preferences and align with the parking area’s aesthetics.

  • Large Dynamic Signage: A K6.2 sign was specifically developed for this application, meeting the requirement for a large sign to be mounted at a significant height, ensuring clear visibility and providing crucial information to drivers.

This integrated solution not only addressed the need for stylish wayfinding, but also improved the parking experience for visitors while effectively communicating the availability of both standard and special parking spaces at key decision points within the facility.

* Data is based on 2022 historical peak time data

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