Efficient. Easy. Excellence. 

Fits like a glove

Our hardware is tailored to work with your sites unique layout so you can be guaranteed a sleek design, that looks fantastic and meets all your operational needs.

Color zoning

Add your personal touch to parking zones by choosing your own custom LED colours. This makes it easy to spot available spaces, accessible parking, EV parking and more… all within a quick glance.

Cloud-based data

All of your valuable data is stored off-site using cellular data communication for added reliability and peace of mind. Plus, no need to find a room to jam-pack with servers.

Trending now

Say goodbye to outdated technology and hello to the new era in innovation. 

Introducing FrogGuidance, a cutting-edge Parking Guidance System (PGS) revolutionizing traffic management, carbon footprints, and customer satisfaction.

FrogGuidance, our patented LiDAR indoor parking guidance system, transforms parking experiences seamlessly.

In busy facilities, a Parking Guidance System will take your customers experience to the next level. FrogGuidance ensures smooth entry into available parking spaces, reducing congestion and maximizing user enjoyment.

Step into the future of parking guidance, designed to enhance the overall parking experience through laser technology and LED lighting, providing real-time information on parking availability.

Regardless of lighting conditions, FrogGuidance accurately detects vehicle presence and movement, directing drivers to the nearest available space. Say goodbye to outdated parking guidance system technology like cameras and ultrasonic. 

Customizable to each parking areas unique needs, FrogGuidance boasts full-color ultra-bright LEDs and plug & play installation. No core drilling required and aesthetic customization make FrogGuidance the future of parking technology.

Further to this, with seamless integration with FrogHub (our data and analytics dashboard), we can guarantee a user-friendly experience for both indoor and outdoor parking. Consequently, all displayed on a cloud-based dashboard for insightful performance metrics. Similarly, enhance pricing with real-time usage data which benefits both drivers and parking operators/owners.

FrogGuidance marks just the beginning of our innovation as we reshape the parking guidance system landscape.

We know you will enjoy this system as much as we do. 

Two FrogGuidance options available:

Parking Management Solutions | Frogparking | Parking Guidance System | HOAG 16

Rail Mounted Guidance

Parking Management Solutions | Frogparking | Parking Guidance System | HOAG 7

Dropper Guidance

FrogGuidance dropper options available:

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Parking Guidance System 10

Single Space Dropper

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Parking Guidance System 11

Multi Space Chandelier Dropper