Edwards Lifesciences

FrogSensor units

Directional FrogSigns

FrogGuidance Lights


Parking utilization
during peak times*


Faster to find a park
since installed*


Reduction in cruising
since installed*

Looking for inspiration for your car parking system? Look no further than Edwards Lifesciences campus. 

Welcome to the Edwards Lifesciences medical technology campus, home to a smart car parking set up that sets them up for success well into the future. Based in California, Edwards Lifesciences has nearly 5,000 employees onsite and boasts a whopping 900,000 square foot headquarters. Because of its expansive headquarters, Edwards Lifesciences knew that an effective car parking system was a priority as they worked through their parking challenges. 

‘Time to park’ was high

It was extremely important to Edwards Lifesciences, that their high-value employees were well looked after. For example, those who are working on life-saving vaccines can quickly find a park when entering a parking lot.

Frogparking were delighted to install our state-of-the-art car parking system consisting of surface-mounted sensors (FrogSensor), guidance lights (FrogGuidance) and our dynamic directional signage (FrogSigns).

We commenced our installation with Garage #3, which was a new build. This allowed us the option to install our chandelier dropper FrogGuidance system, with a hidden conduit solution. Further to this, we also were able to install our FrogSensors on the rooftop, for an aesthetically polished finished.

Following the successful installation, our team moved over to Garage #1 & #2. As these were existing parking lots, we installed the same smart parking solutions, however with exposed conduit as part of the FrogGuidance solution. It was an excellent option for a retrofit car parking system, and still had a stunning finish.

Edwards Lifesciences saw an immediate 20% reduction in vehicle cruising time. Furthermore, the data showed us it was 43% faster to find a park once this automated parking system was installed. Further to this, an unrealized benefit of reduced greenhouse emissions, therefore a big green tick towards their sustainability soals.


There were some issues with utilization

Edwards Lifesciences were very keen to understand their data more, and of course, maximize their utilization rates. This is a common request for our car parking system. 

In conjunction with our world-class Data & Analytics dashboard (FrogHub), we also developed a custom FrogPermit parking permitting software solution.

As a result of the parking permitting software, the high-value employees had dedicated parking spots, clearly identified, allowing them to race to emergencies as needed. Not to mention a higher staff satisfaction rate with less transient parkers in high-value parking spaces. 


“We were pleased to see the visually beautiful finish of both the new-build install, as well as the retrofit option, at Edwards Lifesciences. The collaborative nature of the team at Edwards Lifesciences made the entire partnership run seamlessly. We are really proud of the smart car parking system that we installed.” – Shareena Sandbrook, CEO of Frogparking. 

*Data is based on 2023 historical peak time data.

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