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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods are accepted?

Visa & Mastercard are accepted.

What changes affect me?

Care Park NZ have upgraded their systems, in collaboration with Frogparking, to make things easier, faster and more reliable for you. The new system is cashless & ticketless.

How can I receive a copy of my receipt?

If you pay via the mobile app, it will be available to you in the ‘sessions’ tab. If you have paid via a kiosk, there is a QR code that you can scan that takes you to your receipt (please see below image). If you cannot scan this QR code, please contact Care Park on

What is a QR code?

A QR code, or Quick Response code, is a type of barcode. It looks like a square with smaller black squares arranged in a pattern inside it. The QR code contains information that can be quickly and easily scanned by a  smartphone camera. You can see an example of a QR code underneath the FAQ’s on this webpage.

My question hasn't been answered here and I still need help.

You can use the intercom at any payment kiosk to ask for help. Alternatively, please visit

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About Frogparking

Frogparking stands as a global leader in comprehensive parking management solutions. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies that redefine the future of parking management. With a focus on data analytics, accessibility, safety, and end-user experiences, Frogparking continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the parking industry.

About Care Park

Care Park are leaders in implementing innovative management solutions, using the latest technology and the best people in the industry to realize the highest potential for every car park and achieve the best outcomes for our clients. Care Park takes pride in offering clients a platinum service with personalized solutions, hence why they partner well with a provider such as Frogparking. Care Park’s operations are headquartered in five countries and currently employs more than 1,000 people across its global operations.