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Trends and behaviours

Be in the know – FrogHub offers you unique insights into your own parking data and analytics, such as drivers trends, behaviours and preferences. 

Data driven business

Let us help you achieve your revenue goals. FrogHub data allows easy decision-making.  

High data security

Frogparking takes cyber security seriously, and we can help you eliminate threats & downtime. With SSL encryption & storage across multiple cloud-based servers, we have got you covered.

Demand based pricing

Want to drive revenue up? FrogHub allows you to make pricing changes in real-time with a few clicks on your mouse.

Rates Engine

Want to schedule surge pricing around your operational calendar? No problem!  With a detailed map of your overall utilization, you have the ability to set higher pricing to match demand. 

Live 3D model

View a live 3D model of your parking operation, including traffic flow and occupancy data, all from your FrogHub.  


Data is our friend, and will be yours too. FrogHub allows for customized reports on all aspects of your technical, operational and revenue collection data.


Gain complete access and a bird’s eye view of all your parking assets. With endless customizations, you’ll enjoy total control over every facet of your parking facilities, all managed effortlessly through FrogHub.

Introducing FrogHub, our revolutionary parking data and analytics dashboard, setting the global standard in innovation.



Crafted as our flagship offering, FrogHub ensures optimal decision-making for managing your parking asset, increasing revenue, and improving the overall driver experience. Unparalleled insights into customer journeys, trends, and interaction opportunities empower you to maximize your asset’s potential.

FrogHub provides our customers with complete freedom and control of their parking operations. Data is centralized, it operates in real-time, it’s cloud-based and mind-blowingly user-friendly. FrogHub has been around for over a decade, so has been honed to offer unbelievable functionality. Its remotely updated, so you can be assured that you are operating on the latest and greatest version. 

Operate in real-time with FrogHub, effortlessly implementing dynamic pricing and surge increases. Enjoy the added bonus of scheduling, allowing rate adjustments and customization tailored to peak times and operational hours in advance, streamlining administrative tasks.

The beauty of FrogHub lies in its simplicity, monitored through a user-friendly web-based portal. No technical support is required, granting you easy access to a wealth of information about your parking asset. From duration of parking to 3D real-time views, transaction details to occupancy reports, FrogHub covers it all, offering comprehensive insights for effective parking management.

Access a huge range of features, including controlled area management, revenue overview, entry and exit restrictions, and direct control over your parking payment/kiosk screens. Frogparking guarantees support through our in-house support and analysis team, emphasizing the importance of accurate and transparent data in implementing parking management solutions.

And when it comes to data, FrogHub stands out. No other dashboard rivals its extensive insights, providing direct access to industry experts for reporting and analysis support. Nothing on the market compares to FrogHub, helping you achieve your revenue goals, maximizing ROI, and increasing yield.

In this day and age, we know that parking data and analytics is everything …. FrogHub is the future of parking management solutions. Be part of history.