CEO of Frogparking, Shareena Sandbrook wins the CEO Monthly top award.

The CEO of Frogparking has been announced as the CEO Monthly magazine CEO of the year for 2022. We are incredibly proud to have our very own CEO and Co-Founder, Shareena Sandbrook, come out on top for 2022.

Shareena is known for her dedication to Frogparking, and its people. In particular, her passion and influence is heavily felt throughout Frogparking’s global offices.

Undoubtedly, through her dynamic leadership, Frogparking has developed into a global innovative business.

See what CEO Monthly had to say below:

“Our 2022 awardee’s have been put forward by CEO Monthly Magazine based on extensive research undertaken by our in-house research team through a process of investigation, analysis, shortlisting, and section. Our team takes their time and utilizes various sources to identify the key players in business exclusively on merit and reward them in their efforts to continuously grow, improve and innovate.”

It is clear when you speak to the team at Frogparking that there is immense trust in Shareena’s leadership. In fact, we asked a few of the team about their thoughts for next year:

“Our forecast for next year is exciting”

“Excited to see what next year brings and our opportunities to develop futher”

“How good to see Frogparking go fully global and trust in us to make it happen” 

“Its always inspiring to see our culture being championed by the top” 

As with all successful companies, leadership comes from the top. Accordingly, the CEO of Frogparking is an avid supporter of offering world-class customer service to all of our partnerships.

Certainly, when you speak with the CEO of Frogparking, Shareena, she is the first to thank the team. Specifically,  Shareena eloquently expressed her thanks: 

“This award is a joint award for the team at Frogparking. They work so hard for us. Not to mention the amazing collaborative culture that they have bought into. Innovation is such an important part of our culture and its not possible without the team. In an ever-evolving environment, the teams commitment to excellence is evident.”

The accolade not only recognizes her outstanding achievements in 2022 but also underscores her impact on the industry. Consequently, Shareena’s triumph as CEO of the Year is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. Furthermore, her words resonate as a beacon of motivation for future leaders navigating the complexities of the corporate world.

As Frogparking continues to develop new solutions, and expands their line-up, you can be sure Shareena is behind the scenes as the teams biggest cheerleader.

Take a leap into the future with us.