Shareena was highlighted as the cover of the CIO Women Magazine as a stand out for global leaders!

A great depiction of Shareena’s journey through life! Not to mention the steps that led her to grow Frogparking into the world-leading success it is today. Hence, we are incredibly proud of her. Her continued dedication to Frogparking and its global growth is inspirational. For more about Frogparking’s journey – click here. 


In the dynamic world today, Shareena Sandbrook, Frogparking’s CEO, embodies the crucial role of being a women leader. In addition, Shareena has a diverse background spanning various sectors, therefore her leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to positive change shines through. Commencing her journey as an investment adviser, she later founded a recruitment company and significantly contributed to the growth of a finance company.

Consequently, in 2009, Frogparking’s global impact on parking technology began, navigating challenges such as securing funding and overcoming industry hurdles. As a result of Shareena’s strategic planning and unyielding perseverance, Frogparking is an industry leader. It is also acknowledged as one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing exporters. The company provides comprehensive smart parking solutions, encompassing guidance, access, and revenue control.

Frogparking’s success lies in its innovative and collaborative approach, challenging norms, and remaining at the forefront of technology. Ultimately, Shareena’s exceptional ability to connect with people, both personally and professionally, sets her apart.  A quality summed up, in a potential book title, “How to win customers and influence government.”

In the post-pandemic era, Shareena discusses new opportunities for entrepreneurs during change. Likewise, her words serve as a testament to the power of leadership, resilience, and innovation within entrepreneurship.


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