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Built to last

Proven rock-solid reliability for more than fifteen years. 

Installed in minutes

You can set your FrogSensor however you like – mount it, make it flush, or even recess it within the road. 


You can make it your own by easily teaming it up with other Frogparking solutions (or a third-party hardware).


We’ve got you sorted with pinpoint accuracy of >99% to enhance parking revenue collection immediately. 

Solar powered

We use the safest lithium-iron phosphate rechargeable battery on the market for automated parking sensors.

Remotely updated

We keep your system up to date effortlessly by updating the firmware remotely. Ultimately, you always have the latest and greatest car parking system without lifting a finger.

Wireless Communication

Our sensors are always communicating with FrogHub, resulting in real-time  parking data at your fingertips.

Trending now

Say goodbye to outdated technology and hello to the new era in automated and innovative parking systems.


“Introducing the car parking solution that started it all for Frogparking” – our FrogSensor.

Yes, you read that right. We boast the unique ‘bragging rights’ to be the first organization globally, to produce a solar-powered outdoor parking guidance sensor.

We are so confident in this solution that we guarantee it will transform your occupancy effectiveness. Because we’ve been in the game so long, you can be confident that this solution is constantly optimized, is at the forefront of innovative technology and will make an immediate difference.

The FrogSensor will simply ‘keep on chugging’

The beauty of FrogSensor is that it’s an incredibly well built, low maintenance solution to your outdoor parking guidance needs. Its been going strong for the last fifteen years, and our customers rave about their incredible accuracy rates. With multiple detection methods, we are thrilled to offer the best parking sensor solution on the market.

Have it all, and have it your way

With FrogSensor, we will work with you to create a masterpiece of a design solution. You want it flush mounted? No problem. You looking for a deterrent so want it to be overt? No worries, we can mount them. You want a completely low liability option? We have you covered with recessed options.  Truly customizable, down to the last little detail.

Looking for a quick install?

After all these years, we have got installation down pat. Average install time per parking sensor is between two to five minutes. Furthermore, this includes getting it online. Because there are no major civil works involved – you can be up and running, and collecting revenue in a matter of hours.

Climate conditions

Frogparking prides itself on its incredibly innovative parking solutions and the FrogSensor is no different. Over the years, we have perfected our sensors to be operational in just about any climate and weather condition.

Real-time connection

Our FrogSensors run on an ultra-low latency network, resulting in real-time wireless data transmissions. Consequently, this data will dramatically improve your understanding of your parking assets, occupancy rates, utilization and so much more.

With a fifteen-year history, we know our products can stand the test of time. You can count on loving our FrogSensors as much as we do.