Hoag Health Center

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Parking utilization
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Faster to find a park
since installation.*


Reduction in cruising
since installation.*

Welcome to Hoag, a smart parking mecca that sets the benchmark for parking management solutions globally.

Hoag is a respected not-for-profit health care delivery network nestled in the heart of Orange County, California. Further to this, Hoag’s commitment to providing exceptional care to over 32,000 inpatients and over 565,000 outpatients annually is outstanding.

At Frogparking, we understand that every aspect of their operations, including their parking system, plays a role in enhancing the overall experience for their valued patients.

Recognizing the sensitive nature of the medical industry, we were determined to implement a smart parking solution that not only offered the best value for money, but also focused on the best parking experience for all end users.

Frogparking’s innovative approach was demonstrated through the installation of our parking guidance system at Hoag.

Specifically, this system includes FrogGuidance, our state-of-the-art guidance lights, and FrogSigns, dynamic wayfinding signage that ensures seamless navigation for all visitors.

Hoag boasts two designed garages – the East and likewise, the West. Consequently, both were equipped with Frogparking’s cutting-edge indoor parking guidance solutions.

Notably, in the East garage, a unique challenge presented itself with an extremely low height clearance. For this reason, our team custom-designed a tailored rail solution. Further to this, they positioned a slim under beam connector to seamlessly carry the essential cabling.

Additionally, the West garage showcases our chandelier dropper, a perfect fit for new builds with no exposed conduit.

Ultimately, Frogparking’s smart parking solution at Hoag resulted in efficiency gains, congestion management, increased parking revenue, unbelievable parking software and world-class data insights. Accordingly, our approach not only addressed the intricacies of each garage but also provided support for better traffic management.

As Hoag continues the mission to deliver outstanding healthcare services, Frogparking remains a partner in ensuring that even the parking experience aligns with Hoag’s commitment to excellence.

* Data averages are based on 2023 historical peak time data