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during peak times.*

Hello to the Irvine Spectrum Center, home to a full end-to-end parking management solution.

The Irvine Spectrum Center is a vibrant outdoor shopping destination, conveniently situated in the heart of the Irvine Spectrum district of Irvine, California. This center offers a diverse array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. With over 17 million people visiting the Irvine Spectrum Center annually, parking is huge part of their operations.

With open-air lots, three parking decks and thousands of car parks, we knew we could develop an innovative end-to-end parking management solution that would enhance the overall customer experience.

There were several challenges that Irvine Spectrum Center needed to overcome.

  • Firstly, there was a need to provide live availability displays for drivers. Requiring the accumulation of counts from multiple parking lots for combined display at key decision points. We needed to help reduce the time it took for customers to find parking spaces, so happy customers were in a more favorable shopping mood.

  • Secondly, Irvine Spectrum Center required a parking system that seamlessly integrated with the site’s aesthetics. It was essential our solution appeared as a natural part of the overall construction – on brand and in style.

  • Thirdly, data and analytics were a key focus of their end-to-end parking management solution. There was a need to have evidence indicating the usage of short-term parking spaces, making it necessary to implement a smart parking system to effectively monitor and prevent overstayers.

  • Lastly, their parking valet overflow carpark was literally being held together by temporary plastic fencing. Not to mention the old non-operational barrier gates!

“Of course, Frogparking jumped in, boots and all, to design a tailored solution that not only met, but exceeded expectations” – Shareena Sandbrook, CEO

The solution

First up, was FrogGuidance, our state-of-the-art parking guidance lights. Individual space sensors were installed across all parking lots, including in their multi-level structures. In addition, we flush mounted FrogSensors which facilitated real-time tracking of parking space occupancy.

Further to this, our FrogSigns, dynamic wayfinding signage was installed that ensures seamless navigation for all visitors.  We replaced a third-party system to improve the accuracy of the live availability display. This upgrade made the display a more reliable and trustworthy tool for drivers, thus contributing to a smoother and more efficient parking experience. This not only allowed drivers to find available parking spaces quickly but also contributed to an improved shopping mood.

Next on the agenda was to apply full customization of our products to match the Irvine Spectrum Centers branding and style preferences. This involved modifying solar gateway housings to color-match and creating an indoor guidance case that seamlessly integrated with axis LED light fixtures. The goal was to ensure that the parking infrastructure appeared as a natural part of the site’s construction, enhancing the overall aesthetic and style while serving its functional purpose. Check out the images, it is simply stunning!

Next challenge to solve, was the data & analytics. Of course, all of our products come with our FrogHub dashboard.  With the largest range of features on the market, FrogHub provided insights that both increased revenue as well as transparent occupancy data. We also provided a pilot of our FrogComply module. This allowed Irvine Spectrum Center to monitor short-term parking space effectively. The parking system characterized the issue by assessing its frequency and impact and helped inform parking compliance policies to deter overstayers in short-term parking spaces.

Lastly, and most recently, we installed our patented FrogGates to the valet overflow carpark. This replaced the previously non-operational gates and offered an unrealised benefit. Remote key fob access for entry & exit which significantly improved traffic flow and reduced time within the valet operations team.


The result?

Ultimately, Frogparking’s solution not only resolved Irvine Spectrum Centers challenges. It provided unrealized parking revenue benefits and helpful efficiencies, within a beautiful design, that enhances the overall parking experience for visitors. Congestion management, increased revenue, world-class data & analytics and an overall improved traffic management capability.

As Irvine continues their mission for all visitors to ‘experience the difference’, Frogparking remains a trusted partner to help deliver a difference with an end-to-end parking management solution.


* Data is based on 2023 historical peak time data

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