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January 28, 2020
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A chandelier is something you’d normally expect to see in a ballroom, a 5-star hotel, or inside a Beverly Hills home; not fixed to the ceiling of a parking structure in Orange County. That was until global parking technology company and serial innovators, Frogparking’s latest innovation to the parking industry.

The customer, Edwards Lifesciences, wanted a fast and frictionless parking experience for staff using Frogparking’s indoor parking guidance technology.

The benefits of Frogparking’s indoor and outdoor parking guidance platform and making the parking experience easier, less stressful, and frictionless at retail properties, airports, cities, and other large parking facilities means their customers are content when they walk in the door, ready to engage, rather than lamenting over the bad experience in the parking lot.

Edwards Lifesciences presented a different use case for Frogparking’s parking guidance technology: instead of shoppers, travellers, or visitors; the parking guidance technology was to improve the experience of staff members. 

A wider look at the dropper as installed at Edwards Lifesciences.

Being a medical research facility, staff time is extremely valuable. Installing parking guidance aimed to get staff members parked sooner, to make the commute easier, and to spend more productive hours at work innovating, rather than circulating the parking lot searching for an available parking space.

With more and more staff onsite meaning more vehicles parking each day, brand new, multi-story parking structures are currently being built to meet growing demand. To future proof the look and feel of these new garages and maintain a modern look and feel, a minimalist approach was taken to structure design and equipment installed. 

To meet this minimalist standard, Frogparking needed a variance to the normal, rail-mounted parking guidance above driving aisles. When faced with the challenge of creating the slickest and cleanest looking installation to-date at one of the brand new parking structures, Frogparking again showed why they are widely regarded as the best innovators in the parking industry.

To meet this unique specification, the company’s in-house product design and engineering team along with the garages’ architect, Jacob Olid from Choate Parking, put their heads together to develop with a sleek solution that blended into the environment but still showed motorists where available parking spaces were.

Having already previously integrated parking guidance technology with an LED light fixture for another customer, Frogparking has a large amount of experience with innovating while maintaining the core components of the system. No integration challenge is seen as too much.

Being included from the beginning of the new-build project allowed Choate Parking as the architect, Frogparking, and electricians to account for the inclusion of parking guidance, meaning that normal electrical limitations were minimised or, in many cases, eliminated. It also meant starting with a blank canvas, to come up with the optimal solution, with the imagination of our engineers and product design team being the only limitations.

After a number of design hours and 3D printed prototypes, the finished product is truly superb and is an innovative variation to our already well established. 

The Chandelier unit is 9.5 round by 3.95 high inches and is made with a high-impact, UV resistant, UL rated plastic. Each unit incorporates up to six of Frogparking’s patented class one, eye-safe, laser sensors and one ultra-bright LED Guidance Indicator light. 

The Chandelier is mounted to the concrete slab ceiling of the parking structure with a custom-designed, galvanised steel tube which can be made to suit the required ceiling heights. Each Chandelier is also installed with its own electrical junction box.

The pictures speak for themselves. Ultimately, the Chandelier met the goal of ensuring the equipment installed in garages was, visually, low-impact and reduced any visual pollution inside the garages.

Need a parking guidance solution that’s designed specifically for your requirements? Get in touch with Frogparking now: https://frogparking.com/contact/.

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