Innovation at Frogparking:

At Frogparking, we take pride in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of parking technology. Our relentless pursuit of innovation has led to the development of groundbreaking solutions.  These parking systems and parking software innovations reflect our dedication to delivering cutting-edge parking solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering parking solutions that enhance efficiency, user experience, and environmental sustainability. Additionally, we hold several pioneering achievements. In particular, Frogparking were the first to introduce outdoor solar sensors and incorporate LiDAR technology into indoor sensors. In addition to our recently developed world-first self-resetting barrier arm. 

Our patented technologies signify our position at the forefront of the parking industry. By consistently securing intellectual property rights for our innovations, we ensure that our clients benefit. Furthermore, our clients gain exclusive access to cutting-edge solutions. Moreover, it also underlines our commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and ingenuity within our team.

Partner with Frogparking:

For businesses seeking to collaborate with a technology leader in the parking industry, Frogparking offers opportunities for strategic partnerships and licensing agreements. Our parking technology provides a unique competitive advantage. Subsequently, allowing partners to integrate our innovative solutions into their projects seamlessly.