City of Laguna Beach launches Frogparking App

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Laguna Beach Parking Mobile App

Residents and visitors in the City of Laguna Beach, California can now experience the benefits of easier, faster, and smarter parking thanks to Frogparking’s smart-city parking platform.

Following a competitive bid process, Frogparking was selected to deliver a platform which improves the parking experience for the city, local businesses, and end-users. 

Frogparking sensors have been installed in on-street and indoor parking spaces around the city’s downtown to monitor vehicle occupancy. A mobile app means a frictionless experience finding a parking space, with turn-by-turn navigation to directly to an available parking space. 

Once parked, say goodbye to fumbling around loose coins, as users will be able to make a cashless payment for their parking session using their credit card of preloaded account balance.

The City’s Deputy Director of Public Works, Paula Faust, says the city’s aim was to make parking easier and more user-friendly.

“Say, for instance, after dinner you want to go to one of our [the City’s] really great coffee establishments here in town,” said Paula Faust, the city’s deputy director of public works. “You kind of panic a little bit because you can’t remember if you still have time left on the meter or if you’ve actually gone past your time. The app will send you a notification that you have 10 to 15 minutes left so it’s time to wrap things up and get back to your car.”

Frogparking CEO, Shareena Sandbrook, says the city is breaking new ground and it’s an exciting new partnership.

“We are excited to be working with a proactive, future-focused, and forward thinking city like the City of Laguna Beach. With Frogparking’s new smart city platform, people can now sign up to the app to find and pay for a parking space easier and faster than ever before,” says Sandbrook.

“In addition to sensors in parking spaces, Frogparking also rolled out a mobile app so city parking users can see live availability, make a payment, extend their parking, and features a “trolley tracker” that shows the user schedules and live arrival information of the free Laguna Beach parking trolleys. 

“The app has been branded completely to the Laguna Beach Parking branding guidelines.

“Frogparking works with a number of cities around the world, who are now starting to see the value in providing the easiest experience for people. Reducing the time to park reduces cruising time which, of course, reduces congestion and reduces harmful emissions from vehicles circulating.

“Installing our technology is also proven to give cities increased access to valuable live and historic data and analytics. This has given city planners a new level of insight into how local people are using the city and its existing infrastructure, allowing the city to make data-driven decisions about future projects.

“We are continuing to grow and add more and more locations across California. Our customers like that we are the complete, scaleable package because we develop everything in-house with a team of super-smart and responsive engineers and developers. We are able to expand our system as our customers expand themselves,” says Sandbrook.

Residents of Laguna Beach can find more information about the Laguna Beach parking mobile app at

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