Sunshine Plaza Shopping Mall

FrogGuidance Lights

Directional FrogSigns

FrogSensor units


Parking utilization
during peak times.*


Faster to find a park
since installation.*


Reduction in congestion
since installation.*

Sunshine Plaza in Queensland, Australia hosts over 345 retailers made up of supermarkets, departments stores, cinemas, restaurants and more.

Sunshine Plaza is the epitome of a true, mixed-use destination and Frogparking were thrilled to partner with them during their significant redevelopment in 2016.

Sunshine Plaza wanted to improve their customers experience and needed a solution that was affordable, easy to use and provided them with insights about their parking experience.

Our parking management solution consisted of surface-mounted sensors (FrogSensor), guidance lights (FrogGuidance) and our dynamic directional signing (FrogSigns), all tailored to perfection to work alongside the FrogHub dashboard.

This solution offered invaluable insights to Sunshine Plaza about their customers parking habits, faster ‘the to park’ results, experienced a significant reduction in congestion and improved customer satisfaction levels.

* Data is based on 2022 historical peak time data


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