Media Release: University Parking Goes Next Level with USC

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Published on March 20, 2024

Frogparking Expands Partnership with the University of Southern California, Introducing Enhanced Parking Management Solutions

Los Angeles, Mar 18 2024

Frogparking, a global leader in parking management solutions, is delighted to announce the expansion of its partnership with the University of Southern California (USC), building on its existing relationship as the university’s new Parking Access and Revenue Control provider. This strategic collaboration marks the next phase in enhancing USC’s university parking facilities with an upgraded suite of solutions.

Having previously provided USC with innovative parking solutions, Frogparking is now rolling out an enhanced and comprehensive smart university parking system to further address the evolving needs of USC’s dynamic campus. The upgraded parking solution will leverage advanced parking technology, including a cutting-edge Parking Access & Revenue Control system (PARCS) and real-time data analytics, delivering an even more seamless and efficient parking experience for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

New features of Frogparking’s enhanced smart parking system at USC include:

FrogGate, a pure example of innovation, has created a new standard for PARCS systems. This groundbreaking parking barrier gate introduces the world’s first self-resetting lightweight carbon fiber barrier arm, ensuring automatic recovery in the event of impact or force without requiring human intervention. Beyond its self-resetting capability, the FrogGate is a testament to safety, featuring built-in lasers that halt the parking barrier arm’s movement if a person or vehicle enters the impact zone. The reliability and safety features of the FrogGate make it a game-changer in the world of smart parking solutions.

FrogKiosk, Frogparking’s innovative answer to a cashless, ticketless parking payment terminal. This system is a testament to both USC’s and Frogparking’s commitment to sustainability and safety for all users. With its user-friendly interface, responsive touchscreen, and clear prompts, the FrogKiosk parking payment kiosk ensures that anyone can easily use it. Catering to USC’s branding and requirements, the FrogKiosk ensures both functionality as well as a sleek and modern appearance.

FrogLPR, a license plate recognition camera, that is future-focused and boasts world-leading data security. The FrogLPR converts license plates to text at the unit, so only the necessary meta data is available. Any images are deleted locally to keep information secure, which keeps all parties in a proactive state for the impending changes to security laws. The FrogLPR is a catalyst for speeding up entry and exit times, thus allowing for a streamlined experience for all drivers at the facility.

“We are proud to solidify our collaboration with the University of Southern California, introducing an enhanced suite of parking management solutions to elevate the overall parking experience,” said Shareena Sandbrook, Chief Executive Officer at Frogparking. “Our continued commitment to innovation ensures that USC’s parking facilities remain at the forefront of efficiency, convenience, and sustainability.”

Associate Director David Donovan, with USC Transportation, agrees.

“Frogparking have always been second to none from a customer service standpoint. Being able to partner with them again, on an LPR-based access control system, takes our USC Village project to the next level of customer service and data collection.”

The USC Village, a mixed-use residential/retail project spanning six buildings and featuring 30+ retail tenants, is located just north of USC’s University Park Campus.

“While the USC Village garage has always used access control and tenant validations,” says Donovan, “Frogparking’s app-based payment options have streamlined the process for our customers, while providing volumes of data for us to use. We can’t wait to leverage all the benefits this new system provides.”

The implementation of Frogparking’s enhanced smart parking system at USC finished in early January, 2024. The university parking, visitors and community can anticipate a smoother and more technologically advanced parking experience as Frogparking builds upon its existing solutions.


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