A statement re: eco-friendly parking solutions & outdoor parking sensors.

Last week Frogparking read, with some concern, an article in the New Zealand Herald about on-street sensors exploding in the City of New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Frogparking can confirm that the sensors mentioned in the story are not associated with Frogparking.

Frogparking takes having eco-friendly parking solutions seriously. We have had outdoor parking sensors installed globally, for the last fifteen years, and use completely different battery technology. Frogparking do not use the same batteries mentioned in this article. 

Frogparking uses LiFePO4. It is widely documented that our battery chemistry (lithium iron phosphate) is considerably safer than any other lithium tech. LiFePO4 are the safest type of lithium battery because they are not prone to overheating and even if they are punctured, they won’t catch fire. Consequently, the cathode material is also non-hazardous and therefore it poses no environmental or negative health hazards.

Additionally, our sensor’s enclosures are specifically designed for on-street use and feature a rugged design for the harshness which an on-street environment presents. The enclosures are designed to release pressure on the device, to protect all internal components, including the battery.

Therefore, we are highly confident that our FrogSensors present a very low risk of explosion.

Over our last fifteen years, FrogSensors have never experienced any issues of the nature referred to in the article. 

As always, we are more than happy to answer questions or clarify any data. Safetyy and eco-friendly parking solutions are important to us here at Frogparking. Please reach out to hi@frogparking.com if you’ve got any questions.



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