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Sky Stadium

Enhancing the efficiency of an event parking system at Sky Stadium car park, was a priority for Frogparking.

Sky Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand, is a large parking lot that primarily caters to daily and overnight commuters. It is currently managed by CarePark NZ. However, during event days at the stadium, this car park transforms into an extremely high turnover, and very busy, event parking space. It was in need of a cloud-based event parking system that can manage high traffic.

The parking facilities’ payment terminals were aging. This was leading to inefficiencies in revenue collection and parking management. Additionally, the lack of real-time availability, posed challenges in ensuring efficient space utilization and compliance during events.

To address these challenges, Frogparking provided an upgraded and modernized event parking system. Frogparking installed six payment terminals, that integrated with existing technology in place. 

FrogKiosk, is a cutting-edge solution designed for ticketless and cashless parking payments. Leveraging Frogparking’s innovative cloud-based dashboard, FrogHub, Sky Stadium are gaining unprecedented flexibility. For example, the ability to actively customize parking rates, which are particularly beneficial during event days. This feature allows parking operators to proactively adjust rates ahead of events, all while seamlessly integrating with parking payment terminals. As Frogparking harness intuitive scheduling software, it eliminates the need for onsite intervention, which makes it an ideal event parking system.

Having already witnessed four ‘game days, this parking surge pricing feature has proven instrumental in optimizing parking revenue. Likewise, with real-time data, the parking operator can see the data as soon as a transaction has been completed. 

Furthermore, Frogparking also implemented a specialized feature that allows overlapping parking rates.  With the addition of this feature, any parkers arriving before 10am pay less for the day, provided they depart by 7pm. Meanwhile, those arriving after 10am pay more for their stay, however can stay to 5am the next day.

Since the installation of the FrogKiosks in March 2024, Carepark has processed revenue that has already exceeded the cost of the equipment, and first year of operating expenses, within the first 41 days.

Given the success of this installation, the parking operator, CarePark NZ, aims to enhance it’s parking management system further. In addition to the parking payment terminals, the next step is the implementation of LPR cameras (License Plate Readers). These will further improve the event parking system as it will help with space utilization and parking compliance. 

Watch this space! 

“The parking solution at Sky Stadium is proof of how a modernized system can improve efficiency and increase revenue with a seamless installation.  Being able to use our cloud-based system for dynamic pricing changes is a game-changer especially for a parking lot that is used for all major events in the wider Wellington area.
– Shareena Sandbrook, CEO of Frogparking

 *Data is based on 2024 historical peak time data.

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