Eat Up New Zealand and Frogparking New Zealand office collaboration hits new heights…

Did you know that one in five Kiwi kids regularly go hungry? Hence why a group from Frogparking’s New Zealand office gathered this morning to lend a hand to Eat Up New Zealand.  

The Frogparking New Zealand office boasted the used of over 1500 pieces of bread. Further to this, a whopping 1200 cheese slices. It wouldn’t be a true-blue kiwi Sammie without a few pots of Marmite and a lot of butter.

Shout out to peoplepower from Frogparking New Zealand who put together over 750 sammies, in less than one hour! Consequently, the sammies were distributed to schools around the Manawatu to help feed kiwi school kids who would otherwise go without.

Thank you to Scott Gilmore from Eat Up for running the session. Furthermore, a massive thanks to all of the awesome team at Frogparking New Zealand for giving up their time to whip up some culinary delights.

For more information – check out this short YouTube clip.


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