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Published on August 11, 2022

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Frogparking is thrilled to showcase the new license plate recognition software installed at Invercargill Central, alongside a full access control system. 

Let us introduce you to not just license plate recognition parking software… but a complete end-to-end parking access and revenue control system (PARCS) at Invercargill Central.

Frogparking understand that a parking experience at a shopping center is a crucial ‘first and last’ interaction. Furthermore, customers visit a shopping center to go shopping – not spend time stuck in a parking lot. Undoubtedly, that’s why the team at Invercargill Central made delivering a frictionless and ticketless experience one of their highest priorities.

Invercargill Central is part of a $180 million redevelopment of the central business district of the southernmost city in the world. Frogparking was thrilled to partner with them to deliver a world-class parking management solution. The premium retail asset now has a PARCS to take the customer experience to the next level.

In typical Frogparking style, our entire suite of parking technology makes the experience as simple and as easy than ever before. Furthermore, the entire platform is designed to get customers through the parking lot journey as quickly as possible. Not to mention, in the most frictionless way.


The journey

Tickets are a thing of the past as a fixed License Plate Reader cameras snap a driver’s license plate on entry. Essentially, this is to start the customer’s session.

Once the customer enters the parking lot, Frogparking’s FrogGuidance directs a customer to an available parking space. Guidance technology is mounted to the ceiling with Frogparking dropper chandeliers. This is signified with green and red LED indicator lights and FrogSigns.

When it’s time to leave; if the customer has visited for longer than the ‘free first hour’ period, there are three easy ways of making a payment:

  1. Simply drive to the exit. Ultimately, your license plate will be snapped and you can pay via payWave at the exit
  2. Enter their license plate at a FrogKiosk around the centre. Notably, your session is effectively ending and you’ve got 15 minutes to exit the centre
  3. On the other hand, you can choose to pay on the Invercargill Central FrogMobile app. As you exit the centre, the barrier arm will open automatically as a payment is attributed to your license plate (via the app)

Once your customers get to the exit, a License Plate Reader camera snaps the license plate, recognising that payment is either already made, not required, or prompts the user to make a payment at the exit. FrogKiosks all feature tap-and-go payments with a credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our parking management solution is THAT EASY. 


The Technology:  Parking Access and Revenue Control System

Frogparking delivered a Parking Access and Revenue Control system (PARCS) as part of the overall parking management solution.

You can check out the three main components on our website. The automatically-resetting barrier arm (FrogGate). The ticketless and cashless payment kiosk (FrogKiosk). Also, our license plate reader, the FrogLPR. All of these solutions work hand-in-hand with our FrogMobile parking management application.


The Technology: Parking Guidance Technology (PGS)

Frogparking delivered an indoor Parking Guidance System (PGS) as part of the overall parking management solution.

You can check out the specifics on our website. FrogGuidance and FrogSigns  are what directs drivers to an available parking space in an efficient manner.

PGS removes the guess work from finding a parking space. Not to mention, removing the stress and therefore is in a better mindset to shop in the centre. Further to this, it also saves time for the driver, meaning they spend more time shopping and less time cruising the parking lot.


The Project

The Invercargill Central project is a whopping $180M project that has been broken into three major stages.

Once completed in March 2023, the centre will be a true mixed-used and will feature 85 premium retail stores, 3 restaurants, a food court, an office block, and even apartments.

In total, Invercargill Central will have 650 parking spaces.























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