What do Parking Operators offer?

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Published on May 26, 2024

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Parking Operators and Frogparking
Shareena Sandbrook 

At Frogparking, we regularly get asked “what does a parking operator do?”, and “do I need a parking operator with a Frogparking system?”. Let us explain a bit more about what the difference is between a parking operator & a parking management provider. 

Firstly, what does a parking operator do and how do they help with managing a parking asset?

Basically, parking operators can offer a range of solutions – from managing your entire parking assets, through to maintenance requirements, event management, and even simply offering an attendant to manage your onsite requirements. Depending on the size of your parking lot, and the requirements you have, parking operators may charge a recurring fee for this (kind of like a retainer), or sometimes a per transaction fee.

Does investing in parking software and parking technology help parking operators?

Of course – automated parking, or smart parking solutions, makes everyone’s job easier. Whether it’s simplifying operational requirements, or providing data and insights, or simply by reducing contact with your customers.

Why would I need a parking operator?

Great question! In the ‘good old days’, parking operators were required to manage some of the manual aspects of PARCS within a parking lot. For example, ticketed payment terminals, or to manually change the parking rates. However, in recent years, innovation has hit the parking management industry, and the rate of development is exponential. Most future-focused parking vendors will suggest digital terminals like the FrogKiosk. Not only because they are a digital solution, but also with less moving parts, it reduces maintenance expenses significantly. Frogparking digital parking payment terminals also allow instant rate changes remotely. With a Frogparking PARCS solution, it essentially ‘cuts out’ the need for a middle man as everything can be managed in-house using our cloud-based parking system. Parking operators still serve a purpose in regards to event management, janitorial duties and if you simply want the added security of knowing someone is on site (with no too much to do). 

Can you give me an example of how my PARCS would work without an onsite attendant?

Sure, for example, the Frogparking Parking Access & Revenue Control System (PARCS) and Parking Guidance System (PGS) combo. Drivers enter the parking lot; their license plate is automatically read, and the parking barrier arm automatically lifts. From there, the driver can see available parking spots due to LED lighting indicators and park quickly and easily. When they are ready to exit, the driver simply drives to the exit, their license plate is read, and they can pay for their parking at the exit parking payment terminal (or at another parking payment kiosk located around the parking lot). The parking payment terminals are all digital, ticketless and cashless, so no need for manual intervention. Following this, the parking barrier arm automatically lifts, and the driver can exit the parking lot. It is that simple.

Would a parking operator be helpful if ‘something went wrong’?

This is another common question we are asked. For example, ‘what happens if someone hits our parking barrier arm?’. Yes, in the ‘old days’, this would mean your parking asset goes without revenue until the parking operator could replace the barrier arm. However, with a FrogGate installation, it automatically resets itself, so your car park doesn’t need to suffer with extended operational downtime. This design is patented to us, so you can’t find an automatically resetting parking barrier arm anywhere else.

Would a parking operator give us reports and insights on our parking asset?

Yes, historically most of them would as they would own your data. However, in the current day and age, you can simply pull these reports yourself. For example, with the FrogHub dashboard, all of your parking data and insights are available to you in a simple-to-use dashboard. Furthermore, Frogparking works with you to develop automated reporting to align to your business and operational needs. The beauty of a Frogparking system is that you actually own all of your own data, we won’t hold you hostage with it, or require an enormous rigamarole to integrate with other providers. It’s actually kind of amazing. We do appreciate that some parking lot owners prefer to have someone else manage this for them, so perhaps a parking operator could assist you in this area, or a data/analytics third party. 

What if I wanted to change the price of parking onsite?

Pffft, give us a hard one. The FrogHub dashboard does it all for you, and you don’t even need to be onsite. Literally, with a few clicks of your mouse, you can execute surge pricing strategies simply and easily. The best part is that with a Frogparking solution, it is a cloud-based parking management system, so all changes are made in real-time. There is no delay in updating the prices across any parking signage or parking payment terminals.

So, Frogparking can do everything a PARCS parking operator can do?

Just about, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. When you invest in a Frogparking solution, our team will be transparent around what we can manage and what we cannot. In some instances, for example, if you have a parking lot that needs regular janitorial work, a parking operator may be able to assist you. Same goes for if you want an onsite operator for major events that are outside of your usual operations. Some parking operators also offer general repairs and maintenance of your parking lot, i.e. maintaining painted lines etc. (outside of the technology). I am sure there are more instances where a parking operator may add value to your parking operations. We aren’t the experts there, we are simply the experts in what our solutions advantages and benefits are.  

Frogparking provides a complete end-to-end parking management solution. We guarantee to significantly reduce your operational expenses with our PARCS. Furthermore, we will boost revenue and streamline your processes. An automated parking system will free you, or your team, to focus on the things that matter.

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