Practical. Sophisticated. Exact. 


We’ve harnessed cutting-edge laser technology to precisely count and monitor the flow of vehicles coming and going.

Fully integrated

Links seamlessly with FrogSigns, FrogMobile and FrogHub – allowing for world-class parking guidance and full control. 

Cloud-based storage

Gone are the days of costly server rooms and equipment because all our digital data is stored on offsite servers via cellular data communication.

Fast Processing

Detection and processing is performed at the unit, resulting in only information you need is sent to the cloud. 

Designed to blend in

FrogCounter has been designed to be discreet – say goodbye to off-brand eyesores, and hello to a beautifully crafted solution that is both sophisticated and unobtrusive. 


Thanks to Frogparking’s expert engineers and software developers – FrogCounter is built to stand the test of time.

Automated monitoring

Our team have developed software that automatically counts vehicles, and sends relevant data directly to your FrogHub. You can instantly see occupancy data in real-time. 

Trending now

Leave behind outdated technology. Embrace a new era of innovation with our answer to a car counter.

FrogCounter, our solution to the original Car Counter. 

When indoor parking sensors aren’t practical – consider the FrogCounter, our alternative to bay-by-bay detection that is also available with bi-directional options. 

Our world-class sensors count cars /vehicles that are entering & exiting your parking lot, using advanced algorithms to determine available parking spaces.

All this information is stored on off-site servers, maintained remotely, but you still have data available at your fingertips.

The beauty of our car counter is that it does not require magnetic loops, therefore has far less maintenance requirements than others in the market. Additionally, we have a completely non-destructive installation process, with expertly crafted design features to ensure it blends in well. 

FrogCounter works seamlessly with FrogSigns, FrogHub and FrogMobile to give accurate parking insights and guidance to your customers. Not to mention that FrogCounter can easily record usage for VIPs and ADA (or any other unique user groups that you set).

Review the real-data data with ease from your FrogHub, and make decision-making easy around optimizing your parking assets. 

We hope you love it as much as we do.


Two FrogCount options available:

Indoor vehicle counter

Outdoor vehicle counter