Carlingford Court Shopping Centre

FrogGuidance Lights

FrogSensor units

Directional FrogSigns


Parking utilization
during peak times.*


Faster to find a park
since installation.*


Reduction in cruising
time since installation.* 

Carlingford Court Shopping Centre is a four-level retail property in Western Sydney, Australia.

With over 80 retailers, Carlingford Court is a popular destination for shoppers.

Frogparking were pleased to partner with them to provide an innovative parking management solution to improve the experience of their customers, increase utilization of the center’s current parking asset, and gather data and insights into the performance of the parking asset and user parking trends and behaviors.

Our parking management solution consisted of our superior indoor parking guidance technology, featuring our patented indoor laser technology, guidance lights (FrogGuidance) and dynamic directional signage (FrogSigns). 

Since installation, this solution has proven to be invaluable as customers reported a definite increase in experience, a reduction in congestion, and an improvement before and after parking guidance.

* Data is based on 2022 historic peak time data.

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