Carlingford Court Shopping Centre

FrogGuidance Lights

FrogSensor units

Directional FrogSigns


Parking utilization
during peak times.*


Faster to find a park
since installation.*


Reduction in cruising
time since installation.* 

Frogparking excel at providing innovative parking solutions, and Carlingford Court Shopping Centre was no different.

With over 80 retailers, Carlingford Court is a four-level retail property, based in Western Australia, and were desperately seeking an innovative parking solution.

As a very popular destination for shoppers, the overall customer experience was very important to the Carlingford Court team. Likewise, Frogparking were excited to showcase their user-focused, and highly innovative parking solution to maximize the experience for both the operations team, as well as drivers. 

Frogparking were thrilled to introduce a smart parking system that consisted of both parking technology and parking software. Featuring our patented LiDAR parking guidance system, dynamic wayfinding parking signage and a parking data & analytics dashboard

Based off our data captured, we can see our innovative parking solution has improved the overall customer experience. With an impressive increase in utilization, and a decrease in cruise time, customers now spend far less time looking for a park. Therefore, spending more time shopping up a storm, with a positive mentality, right from the ‘get-go’. 

Furthermore, Carlingford Court can access all this data themselves, with a simple few clicks of their mouse. The data and insights available, directly from their FrogHub dashboard, is unparalleled. They can now see the overall performance of their parking operations, but more so, dive into the details easily. With reports available for just about anything, parking trends and surge strategies are simple. 

* Data is based on 2023 historic peak time data.

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