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FrogGate is a low maintenance/low install requirements parking barrier that is proud to boast world-first technology.

Not only does the FrogGate self-reset upon impact, this highly reliable gate is also extremely low liability as it has inbuilt safety lasers that will stop the barrier arm moving if a person or mobility device (i.e. car, truck, mobility scooter, wheelchair) is within the impact zone.

With maximizing revenue and operational efficiencies, another stellar feature of the FrogGate is that its relatively simple and easy to install. It doesn’t require any major civil works, and we can install during ‘down periods’ to ensure you are back up and running ASAP.


FrogKiosk | Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions

FrogKiosk is a ticketless, cashless, parking payment kiosk that has far less ‘moving parts’ compared to traditional parking payment kiosks. As a result, significantly reduces maintenance time and expenses. Let the FrogKiosk help you achieve your overall sustainability goals.

It is so payment-versatile that it actually goes beyond standard payWave payments. The FrogKiosk also supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, with the flexibility to explore additional options such as WeChat Pay and Alipay-enabled mobile payments.

Integrating seamlessly with our FrogHub rates engine, the FrogKiosk offers instant rate updates in real-time to accommodate your surge pricing strategies.


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The FrogLPR license plate reader is our solution to optimizing entry & exit to your parking lot, under almost any lighting condition, with precision accuracy.

Connecting beautifully with the rest of the PARCS as well as FrogHub, this LPR does not require any additional servers as relevant information is stored using the latest in cloud-based technology.

Let privacy concerns be a thing of the past for your drivers, as this LPR converts license plate to text and securely sends it to the cloud. Any images are deleted locally to keep information secure in anticipation for future changes to security laws. This means, your customers can be comfortable knowing that their information can’t end up in the wrong hands.

“Their customer service is off the charts, their technology is so cool, its beautiful to watch, simple to implement, easy to use from a customer standpoint & its versatile beyond belief. Everything we have asked Frogparking to do, they’ve been able to do, quickly and easily.”

David Donovan

Associate Director of USC Transportation, University of Southern California (USC)

Our Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) is set apart from anything else in the market, and is making waves globally. We know that new technology can sometimes be intimidating, so here are some FAQ’s our team receive.

Is this tested technology?

Absolutely. Our PARCS is reliable. It is already installed and operating at some of our long-term partners facilities – such as at the Irvine Spectrum Center and the University of Southern California. We also have some future projects signed off and in the pipeline that we will share updates on once installed.

Can you integrate your PARCS with a third party supplier?

Of course we can! It is one of our specialties.

Can you add PARCS to a pre-existing site or will it 'stick out like a sore thumb'?

Yes and we will take care of dismantling your outdated PARCS system as well (if you already have one on site). The beauty of all of Frogparking’s solutions, and inclusive of our PARCS, our systems can be tailored to your specifications and/or aesthetics requirements. 

I have other software from Frogparking, can I add PARCS to it?

You sure can – and because you will already be using FrogHub, it means you will be up and running with your data and insights in no time.

What type of data and analytics can I expect my PARCS to produce?

The world is really your oyster here – you let us know what type of reporting you need, and we can make it happen. Some common requests include total visiting vehicles, average visiting duration, average visitors per day, driver trends, revenue spend, busiest day, average spend etc. (truly, we can report on just about anything!). We can further build on your reporting if you choose to pair your PARCS with other software from Frogparking. For example, with guidance, we can offer more detailed reporting around bay-by-bay occupancy. Other add-on examples could include validation spend, permit revenue or valet turnover (just to name a few – check out our full solutions page).

How does PARCS issue a receipt if it is ticketless?

Easy as – if its connected to a Mobile App, it will appear in transaction history. If its a one-time-payment or via a web portal, your customers can opt to have the receipt emailed.

What is the per lane cost of Frogparking's PARCS?

This is a little bit harder to answer as it depends on what we install (we install bespoke solutions), so you are best to reach out to the team and they can help.


Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it – check out the Irvine Spectrum Center installation here.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Irvine

Still not convinced? Check out the installation at the University of Southern California (USC).

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“The Parcs system is absolutely amazing! I cannot express how impressed I was with it. I’m 46, I have parked in a lot of different places and I have never seen a system so fast and so smooth. The amount of traffic it could process was stunning. I realized you guys really are the future. Wicked!”

Robert Fee

Director, The RFDS

Want to know how our PARCS could work at your facility?

Frogparking has the technology to provide world-class data that our competitors simply cannot match. We are happy to provide comprehensive data, images and also videos of our solutions in action. Not to mention, our existing partnership sites are always happy for us to take you onsite to showcase the benefits.